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Kenka Bancho Otome: Love's Battle Royale - Chie Shimada, JN Productions

No page numbers, so I'm doing this with percentages.


I got this because its description made it sound both awesome and bonkers. The heroine, Hinako, is an orphan who's been friendless her whole life because she's super-strong and inadvertently hurts people. One day she gets conned into pretending to be some guy named Hikaru and attending the entrance ceremony at his all boys' school. The school turns out to be composed entirely of delinquents, and Hikaru is not only Hinako's twin brother, he's also the son of a yakuza boss. While Hinako tries to adjust to the school for delinquents, Hikaru happily attends Hinako's all girls' school.


I probably should have waited until the first two or three volumes were out before getting this, but I coudn't resist.


One Booklikes-related thing: I had to manually enter this title. When I entered the information, I recorded the translator as JN Productions. This name wasn't found, but I added it and figured it would save as-is. When I looked at the book page after saving, JN Productions had changed to Twin Sisters Productions. I attempted to change it only to get the same result - JN Productions flips to Twin Sisters Productions. WTF, Booklikes?