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The Graveyard Apartment: A Novel - Mariko Koike, Deborah Boliver Boehm

This has officially dropped below a 3-star read, and that makes me sad. I wanted to love this book, or at least like it, but the characters are unbelievably stupid.


I think there are just four occupied apartments right now: the one where the building managers live, Misao and her family, Eiko and her family, and a hostess who comes home late. The hostess hasn't come home yet.


The building managers asked Teppei (Misao's husband) to accompany them down to the basement to check things out, because there was an incident that worried them. Okay. But when they got down there and the elevator malfunctioned again, the building managers confirmed that there's no call box that folks trapped downstairs or in the elevator could use to contact someone and get it fixed. Also, the building managers, who I emphasize are both downstairs right now, are the only ones with the contact info for the elevator repair person.


After an hour, Misao gets worried and contacts Eiko and her husband. These three people are the only adults currently in the building who are not down in the basement. When the elevator starts working again, all three of these adults get in and go down to the basement. They considered calling the cops but decided against it. I fully expect the next few pages to feature all six adults currently in the building getting trapped in the basement after the elevator stops working again.


The stupid, it burns.