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I Am Here! Omnibus Vol. 02 - 遠山 えま, Ema Tōyama

Ooh, there's an actual page number!


The bully from the first omnibus volume is back and making lots of trouble. She's impersonating several of the people in this love triangle in an effort to, I guess, maneuver Hinata into being hers. Never mind that he still has free will and feelings of his own and he's made it clear he isn't interested. Never mind that the impersonation is provable and will almost certainly come back to bite her in the butt, the same way the bullying earlier in the series did.


I just got to this bit - Hikage trying to decide between Teru and Hinata:


"Liking someone romantically is different from just caring about them."


So...is this leading up to "it's okay to hurt and ditch the person you 'just' care about"? Again, this love triangle pisses me off.