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Non-book post: Finally watched Deadpool

I know, I'm very behind the times. I was inspired by Chris's posting of the "Ashes" music video.


The verdict: I enjoyed it. I had always thought Deadpool was one of those characters that wouldn't really work in live action, but the movie proved me wrong. Yay. Even if I did feel a bit bad for laughing during an action scene where someone gets beheaded by a bike chain.


But man, Dopinder. I felt a bit bad for that idiot. Taking his cues from Deadpool and locking a guy up in his car trunk, only to get into an accident that would almost surely result in the cops arriving, who would then find the guy in his trunk and the bag filled with weapons and ammo on his passenger seat. If he shows up again in Deadpool 2, someone better explain how he wriggled out of that.