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My current panic level about tomorrow's drive is annoyingly high. When (not if, stupid brain) I get back tomorrow and everything's gone well, I plan on buying all the books currently sitting in my Kobo shopping cart. I probably won't start reading them, because there are so many other books I need to get to first, but I'll admire them and appreciate their presence on my e-reader. And maybe I'll luck out and pass by a bookstore on the way back, and get myself a paper book too.


The books currently in my shopping cart:


The Atrocities - Jeremy Shipp  The Tea Master and the Detective - Aliette de Bodard  Clockwork Boys - T. Kingfisher  


The Atrocities - Jeremy Shipp - Reviews indicate that it starts very strongly but doesn't manage to stick the landing. Whatever, it appeals to the part of me that has been drifting towards gothic and horror stuff (shows and books) lately.


The Tea Master and the Detective - Aliette de Bodard - It has a non-evil AI!


Clockwork Boys - T. Kingfisher - I just like T. Kingfisher's humor.