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Made it there and back

I made it to my doctor appointment. I thought the giant construction zones and one very wrong turn were the worst of it, but then I spent half an hour within a couple miles of where I was supposed to be, repeatedly taking the wrong ramps. I also parked in the wrong parking garage, but thankfully I was only a block and half away from where I should have been. The best thing about today was the wonderful parking attendant who pointed me in the right direction. I got to see her and thank her again on the way out.


The news was technically good: instead of jumping right to surgery like the other doctor, this one prescribed physical therapy 2-3 times a week for the next three months. Except he started talking about scheduling it at his hospital, which I immediately shot down. Thankfully, it turns out that there's a physical therapy place I can go to in my own town - so much more convenient, and certainly less stressful and time-consuming.


He wants me to do a follow-up in three months with a completely different doctor who's even farther away. I'm not wild about that, but at least I have time to do some research and look into other options.


Thanks, all, for wishing me luck. My legs and arms may feel like jelly from all the tension, but I made it.