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Of Fire and Stars - Jordan Saia, Audrey Coulthurst

I can't say for sure whether I like this or not. It switches between two first-person POVs (not present tense, thank goodness) - first Dennaleia, a princess who can secretly do fire magic and who's betrothed to a prince from a country that hates magic users, and then Mare, the prince's sister. Mare's a bit of a tomboy. She'd rather be out spying for her uncle or working with the horses than talking to courtiers and wearing dresses. She's been assigned to teach Dennaleia to ride, and so far her private opinion of her isn't very high. Meanwhile Dennaleia feels like she keeps doing everything wrong and is desperately trying to keep her emotions level enough that she doesn't accidentally light something on fire.


The timing of the conversation Dennaleia and Mare just had is weird. One of Mare's family members was assassinated maybe a few hours ago, while Mare was elsewhere. Dennaleia informed Mare of this, and then somehow the conversation turned to Dennaleia's hope that Mare's brother will eventually come to love her. Mare was disdainful of Dennaleia's ideas about love (but for some reason not her choice of topic in general), and Dennaleia was sad that she once again messed up an opportunity to become friends with Mare.