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Non-book post: Week 3 of physical therapy complete

My muscles are definitely getting stronger. One exercise I started last week that seemed nearly impossible is starting to go slightly better, for example. Now it's just really freaking hard. And I've learned a few stretches to do in between sessions, which is supposed to help with the renewed sharp hip pain I started having on Sunday. The renewed pain worries me a bit, although it's been better in the past couple days.


I have two months and one week to go, and then I'm supposed to see...someone...for a re-evaluation. I've been referred to so many orthopedic doctors that I'm honestly not sure who's supposed to do the reevaluation. I need to make a few calls and find out. It would be lovely if the doctor in town could do it instead of one of the doctors who's more than two hours away, but I have a feeling I'm not going to be so lucky.