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New to my TBR

I just got two new books in, because apparently not having shelf space doesn't stop me. I need to do a little culling this weekend and put together a library donation bag.


The Bride Was a Boy - Chii  The Dark Maidens - Rikako Akiyoshi,Booota,Kristi Fernandez  


The Bride Was a Boy - Chii - An autobiographical manga about the author's experiences exploring her gender and sexuality and eventually transitioning before marrying her husband. From what I've heard, 1) it's cute and 2) it does a good job of laying out transgender issues in Japan. The title sparked enough concern and conversation that Seven Seas issued a statement about it being the author's choice.


The Dark Maidens - Rikako Akiyoshi,Booota,Kristi Fernandez - It's a murder mystery about the death of the president of the Literature Club at an all-girls' school. I'm always looking for more Japanese novels and light novels by female authors to try.