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The Dark Maidens - Rikako Akiyoshi, Booota, Kristi Fernandez

So far this is written as though readers are attending one of the Literature Club's "mystery stew" meetings. The rules of mystery stew:


- Each club member can put one ingredient in.

- Members must not tell anyone what they've added, even after the stew has been eaten. (Trying to be more clear: the final list of ingredients is known, but who selected each ingredient is supposed to remain a mystery.)

- At some meetings, only edible ingredients are allowed. At this particular meeting, inedible ingredients may be added, but they must not be unsanitary, like shoes or bugs.

- Club members must each eat the stew in complete darkness.

- Everyone must eat until the pot has been completely emptied. However, each person's bowl may only be refilled if they've managed to eat it all, which naturally means that those with inedible items in their bowl can't completely finish their bowl.


Okay, so they have a really swanky club meeting room, but I still wonder how many new members quit immediately after their first "mystery stew" meeting. Also, I'm already wondering if the previous club president was killed by this stupid stew. Probably not, or they wouldn't do it again, but you never know.