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The Dark Maidens - Rikako Akiyoshi, Booota, Kristi Fernandez

These girls are going to end up utterly destroying each other by the end of the meeting. I'm not ruling out the possibility of poison being added to the stew.


At this particular Literature Club meeting, everyone is supposed to tell a story about the death of the previous club president, Itsumi, who only died a week or so ago. Itsumi either jumped to her death on school grounds or was pushed. Itsumi's family did not permit any of the Literature Club members to attend her funeral and refused to give any details about her death.


I just finished the first story, told by one of the school's few scholarship students. She outright named one of the other club members as being Itsumi's murderer and outlined her reasoning for the accusation. Looking at the table of contents, the accused member will have to wait through two more stories before she gets a chance to respond. Can you imagine just sitting there in silence after a fellow club member has accused you of murder?