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The Dark Maidens - Rikako Akiyoshi, Booota, Kristi Fernandez

I'm reading the third story now. Story #1: accuses one of the Literature Club members of murder. Story #2: directly contradicts Story #1. Parts of it seem unlikely, but other parts are pretty convincing. Story #3: Wow, these girls are just letting all their personal feelings out, aren't they? And now we have a third member accused of murder. Nothing in this story contradicts either Story #1 or Story #2 (yet).


And a quote from earlier, which seems to perfectly sum up the perspective through which this book approaches female relationships:


"Don't you find that friendships between girls our age exist within two extremes? If a girl is similar to you, you'll either hate her or love her; if she's your opposite, you'll either lover her or hate her. I imagine you learn how to gracefully handle these kinds of things as you become an adult: you learn that whether you are similar or different, get along or don't, these relationships provide us with the wisdom we need to survive in society.


But for our generation, this wisdom is impossible. All we care about are our own selfish emotions. We have to protect our feelings more than anything else. So, do we kill, or allow ourselves to be killed? Friendships between girls are always hanging in this balance. Life-or-death survival. This is especially true at an all-girls school like ours. Right, ladies?" (18-19)