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Binary Storm (Liege-Killer) - Christopher Hinz

This was published in 2016, 26 years after the last book in the original Paratwa trilogy. I read the trilogy back in 2014, so I'm a bit fuzzy on everything that happened. I recall really liking the first book, being somewhat dismayed by the second, and outright hating the third.


I just spent the past 39 pages very confused, probably more than a newbie to the series would be. I had assumed this was somehow a sequel to the original trilogy - difficult, considering how much was destroyed in the last book. I finally got online and checked and, yeah, this is a prequel. Okay, I'm a little less confused now, although I still vaguely recall Nick having been brought out of cryo not long before the start of Liege-Killer.


So far a Paratwa informant has told Nick something interesting that readers haven't been clued in on yet, and we've gotten to see Paratwa living arrangements. Which includes nitty gritty details on bowel and bladder function, for some bizarre reason. I absolutely don't recall simultaneous toilet use being a thing in the original trilogy. It seems like a ridiculous detail for Hinz to saddle his badass binary assassins with.