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Parenting/baby question

This is a more personal post, but also related to my current reading.


Babies make me nervous. I'm not sure what it is about them, exactly, but I don't react to them the way nearly everyone else seems to - when there is a baby in the vicinity, I don't feel an urge to rush over, admire it, and ask if I can touch it. I didn't even feel this way about my sister's children when they were babies, although I was more willing to give fighting it a shot with them. My feeling about babies is one of many reasons I decided that I should probably never have children. Okay, so they grow up, but you have to get through the baby stage first before you can get to the rest of it.


However, the author of the book I'm currently reading seems to have felt the same way about babies and yet still wanted children so badly that she eventually tried in vitro fertilization. To me, there is a disconnect here, but the author doesn't seem to think there's anything odd about, on the one hand, wanting children really badly and, on the other hand, not really wanting to be around babies (in her words, she was "scared" of them). So I'm wondering, is the disconnect on my end? Does having kids even though babies freak you out make sense to other people?


Not that this will change my mind about my own decision not to have kids (I'm seriously fine just living with pets), but I'm curious.