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To Siri with Love: A Mother, Her Autistic Son, and the Kindness of Machines - Judith Newman

"In truth, I don't know what Gus will be able to do. I do know that he does practice a kind of learned helplessness; I did not know, for example, that he could pour a glass of milk for himself until one day recently I got vertigo and couldn't move without being wildly nauseated, and no one was around, and Gus really, really wanted milk. It was that day when I thought about something John Elder Robison had written in his book Switched On, about the low expectations we have of people with autism, how it extends to everything in their lives."


And, just like in her section about eugenics and wanting to give Gus a vasectomy, she stops short of really thinking about what she's actually saying and making all the connections, even though she's laid all the pieces out. She has, by the way, spent the entire book talking about all the things that she's certain Gus will never be able to do. He'll never be able to hold a job, never go on a date, never make friends, never marry. So many nevers.