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The Dispatcher - John Scalzi, Zachary Quinto

"'You stabbed the fucking judge?'

'Look, dude, it's against the rules to sto-'

'The judge did something you thought was against the rules so you fucking stabbed him?' Mason roared. 'You think that was appropriate?'

'Dude,' the duelist said and then screamed as Mason shoved his own sword into his chest.

'Oh, I'm sorry, was that against the rules?' Mason asked and yanked the sword out."


Heh. Although I really don't see the appeal of these duels. I mean, yes, you'll end up safe and sound in your home after it's all done (unless you're one of the very unlucky few who stay dead), but first you have to deal with the pain. And these guys suck with swords, so it'll probably be particularly awful until someone finally hits an artery or something.