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The Sting of the Wild - Justin O. Schmidt

I hope the organization becomes clearer later on, because right now it feels like a bunch of insect stories that could have been put in any chapter. But they're relatively interesting stories so far. I imagine Schmidt's parents used to despair that he would survive childhood. The few childhood stories he has included make it seem like he spent a lot of time seeking out stinging insects and seeing what they would do under certain circumstances.


The page I'm on right now has an interesting tidbit I didn't know: honey bees can identify the scent of mammalian breath and consider it a cue that a potential predator is near the nest. Here's his trick for Africanized honey bees:


"The solution to close-range observation was simple: be 'invisible' to the bees. To achieve invisibility in the presence of bees, stop breathing (granted, it is hard to stop breathing entirely for long) and move slowly. Hold your breath as you stand inches to the side of the landing board and then turn your head to exhale gently a few feet behind the hive between breaths." (12-13)

The last sentence confuses me a bit. It sounds like a difficult trick to get the hang of - I wonder how many times he was stung before he picked up the technique?