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Sunstruck - Polenth Blake

Brief review, with the full one hopefully coming soon: I liked this quite a bit and wish the next work in the series were available. I need to see what else Blake has published. At any rate, the characters were interesting, and the world was intriguing. There was room for the usual urban fantasy elements - fairies, wizards, and probably werewolves or whatever else - but Spokane beings were the focus because they were local.


My issues with it: it took a while for the mystery to get going, and the resolution to it was a bit disappointing. I still don't understand why that particular character had the artifact in the first place. I understood what their goal was, but I didn't see how that artifact was supposed to help them accomplish it. Also, I wish there had been more chapters from Ben's POV.


I'm using this for my Cryptozoologist square. One of the main characters is a bigfoot, so the book fits this square easily.