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The Haunting of Hill House - Shirley Jackson, David Warner



This second time through the story gave me a different perspective of it, but I don't think it's going to change my overall rating of 3 stars. It has some excellent moments, but it isn't the kind of ghost story I wanted it to be. In fact, this time around I came to the conclusion that

it isn't a ghost story at all, but rather a story about a very mentally unwell woman who was tipped over the edge by an active imagination, a house with architecture that played on the darkest aspects of that imagination, and people who didn't understand how truly unwell she was and, in any case, didn't have enough of an emotional connection to her to care. Dr. Montague's insistence that Eleanor had to leave Hill House alone was all the more terrible because of this interpretation I'd come to (and because I knew, this time around, what was coming next).

(show spoiler)

Remaining squares on my Halloween Bingo card that this would work for:


Gothic: I think this counts? It's one of the top tags for it in Goodreads.


Terror in a Small Town: Technically it's terror just outside a small town. I know this takes place almost entirely in Hill House, but there's a certain creepy aspect to the nearby town as well.


Supernatural: It depends on what you think was going on at Hill House.


Ghost Stories: I have my opinion on this, but most of the characters believed that Hill House was haunted, so it fits.


Genre: Horror