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The Lemonade War - Jacqueline Davies

No matter how much I searched this title, I couldn't find it. I was close to adding it manually or using the Amazon UK trick when I decided to try an author search. And even then I had to click into the author's name and look through the books linked to her.


This probably won't count for Halloween Bingo. I've gone back to the beginning of the series to see how Jessie and Evan got all that money in the first place. At the moment, Evan is still upset that he's going to have to share the same fourth grade class with his younger sister, and Jessie is still trying to figure out how to mend her relationship with her brother. Up until Evan got upset, Jessie was happy about the news that she'd share a class with him, because she figured he'd be able to help her navigate the social aspects of school, which she has trouble with.


In the second book, each chapter started with definitions of legal terms and concepts. This time around, each chapter begins with definitions of economic terms and concepts.