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The Garden Plot - Marty Wingate

The narrator's Texas accent occasionally slides off a bit, and I wonder what a native Texan would think of it. I still think her narration is mostly good, and it's certainly pleasant to listen to.


Pru is slightly less impulsive than I originally thought. It turns out she does have a bit of a connection to England - her mother was English, possibly from London or somewhere nearby (I missed a few details here and there). She has no idea if her mother still has any living relatives, so I could see her family history coming up at some point in the series.


I did roll my eyes a bit at Pru lamenting her current lack of friends to meet up with and firm social connections. From the sounds of things, she's lived her life up to this point with as few connections to other people as possible. She never felt at home in Texas and actively avoided close relationships with anyone but her mother. Now that she's in London and actually wants close relationships, I'm not sure she has any idea how to go about developing some. And goodness knows there's still the issue of paychecks. She basically has to take any gardening job she's offered in order to make ends meet (there's been no sign that she's considered other types of work, even just to build up a financial cushion).