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XOXO Blood Droplets

This visual novel is still at the Kickstarter stage (almost halfway there, 26 more days to go), but I already want it. I've already played XOXO Droplets, a visual novel where you play as a girl with the thickest skin imaginable, whose only goal is to date a hot guy. If his personality is awful, who cares? You're awful too. And you can always dump him and move on to someone else if you want.


Surprisingly, I ended up liking the guys in that game more than I expected to - they tended to be more annoying than truly awful, and their...quirks made them more interesting than the average romance visual novel guy. And it helped that the heroine literally did not care what any of them said. Her self-confidence was made of steel.


XOXO Blood Droplets puts a horror spin on the original game. About the heroine:


"It might seem like the only thing off about JB is her taste in men, but that isn't true. JB's got no problem murdering obstacles. She simply doesn't have to. Anyone who's a threat or annoyance will get axed by one of her six suitors. And that's fine with her."


Yup, I want it. The descriptions for the various guys are great too - I'd start by aiming for either Nate or Bae. I need to remember to check back on the Kickstarter when I get back from vacation.