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Game Slaves - Gard Skinner

I have had this ARC in my possession for, uh, four years now. And I'm finally getting around to reading it.


I'm not really sure what I'm reading yet. The main characters are NPC enemies in FPS games (no particular game, just anything anyone might play), and so far their lives have involved shooting people, dying, being regenerated, and then shooting people again. The main character, Phoenix, acknowledges that all the in-game women he knows are the epitome of physical perfection, despite a few scars here and there, and yet he practically trips over himself when he meets Dakota, giving her living quarters closer to his because he thinks she's hot, even though her personality annoys him. ::sigh::


The ARC has enough missing bits that feel like I should quit now and request an ILL copy, but I don't feel like waiting, and most of the missing stuff has been unimportant so far (the names of specific games).