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Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega, #1) - Patricia Briggs, Holter Graham

I ended up relistening to a lot of the stuff I listened to on Saturday since for some reason the audiobook didn't sync, but it's not a big deal since I've enjoyed most of it. I wouldn't mind it if the entire book were devoted to Anna adjusting to living with Charles and his pack and Anna and Charles adjusting to each other. Unfortunately, I know that it'll soon be time for the rogue werewolf portion of the story.


One thing about Charles that I now realize showed up a bit in the short story as well: Native American fetishism. Anna actually thinks of Charles as exotic-looking at one point.


Oh, and we get one of the things I tend to dislike in romance: a character noticing the hotness of another character while that other character is either unconscious or badly injured. Usually it's a male character noticing the hotness of a female character, but in this case it's Anna reacting to Charles while she's trying to patch up his bullet wound. Anna did acknowledge that it was an awful thing to be thinking about at that particular moment, and it was at least partly due to her wolf's reaction to Charles (although you'd think Anna's wolf would be a bit more worried about Charles bleeding all over the place). But it was still gross. Briggs could have found a better time to bring up how good Charles looks and how attractive Anna finds him.


Edit: Oh, and I just wanted to add that I loathe the cover. The colors are nice, but the artist's interpretation of Anna is crap. Overdrive only shows a portion of the cover while streaming it, and of course that portion is mostly Anna's cleavage.