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Non-book post: At least I have baked goods

I found out that one of the student workers in my department might not be coming back for the Fall semester (for reasons that are totally understandable, but still T_T). At full strength, my department consists of me, a full-time person I supervise, and two student workers that the person I supervise supervises. At the moment, it's me, one student worker who was able to work over the summer (who I'm currently supervising since there isn't anyone else to do it), and one student worker who'll be back at the start of Fall semester.


There's a decent possibility I might have my full-time staff position filled by August, but I don't know if they'll be able to manage training a new student worker by the start of Fall semester, so I may be handling that training as well. On the plus side, the student worker who is for sure going to be working during the Fall semester (unless the universe decides to hit me with more unpleasant surprises) is amazing. I wish the library could afford to pay her what she's worth, and that I could then keep her forever.


I had today off and was originally going to go book shopping, but that would have involved a couple hours of driving, and I just didn't feel up to it. Instead, I went to a local bakery and bought some amazing white chocolate cranberry orange scones, as well as a chocolate meringue pie that was half price so they could offload it before the weekend. Now I just have to restrain myself and not eat too much of my haul at once.