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Generation Zero Volume 1: We Are the Future - Fred Van Lente

Again, I'm guessing at the page number, but I can say that all three of these images are from the same issue, #5, so I know they were all done by the same pair of artists. Here are three panels with the Zygos Twins:


This one's pretty consistent with how they've looked throughout the book.



And here's a panel from a few pages later:



Apparently the artists suddenly decided that the female twin's femaleness needed to be highlighted more and gave her prominent lips and noticeably darker and thicker eyelashes.


And here is a panel a bit later on the very same page:



What in the hell?? The female twin no longer even looks like the same character.


So basically, one of the problems I have with this graphic novel is the artwork. I feel like character appearance shouldn't vary this much in a single issue.