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Princess Prince
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Just finished a reread

The Course of Honour - Avoliot

I happened to still have this downloaded to my phone, and I needed something to read while waiting in various places. This was just as good as I remembered it being. A little less choppy-feeling the second time around than the first, but I'm going to keep my overall rating the same.


And I'm still rolling my eyes at the commenter on Goodreads who chastised me for potentially ruining the book by including "spoilers." I do my best to use spoiler tags when appropriate and, at the time, couldn't figure out for the life of me what the person meant. And of course they never answered my question about which part of my review they thought was a spoiler. After this reread, I suspect that the part they were talking about was the bit where I mentioned that Jainan and Taam's marriage hadn't been good and had involved abuse - it does take a bit for Jainan to admit this, even to himself, and it takes a while for Kiem to catch on, but Jainan's behavior and thought processes make it painfully obvious to readers long before details are included. Even if that is what the commenter was so upset about, there's a bunch of plot threads I didn't even hint at in my review - I still don't understand how my mentioning the abuse would in any way ruin the book for anyone.


Oh well. I'm leaving the book on my phone for the next time I'm stuck in line an need a sweet m/m sci-fi romance to help pass the time.