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House of Leaves - Mark Z. Danielewski

This is going to take me ages, but I am going to finish it, if only because it's a book my sister and I will be able to talk about together. She and I generally don't gravitate towards the same sort of books - in fact, she doesn't generally read, but she's trying to get into it more because a few weeks ago she spontaneously lost her hearing in one ear and developed horrific tinnitus (yes, she's been seeing an audiologist and multiple doctors - thankfully it didn't happen due to a brain tumor or anything like that, but unfortunately her word recognition in that ear is now at 0%). TV is hard for her now, so she's turning to books.


So far I can definitely tell that this isn't something you'd ever want to attempt in e-book form. It does some things with text formatting that wouldn't translate well at all. So far I've noticed that the word "house" is always subtly highlighted in some way. In most cases, it's a very dark blue, so close to black that, when I was reading the book in the evening, I didn't even realize it was a different color but could still recognize that something was drawing my eyes to that word. At other times, one letter in the word is slightly misaligned.


Story-wise, I'm not really all that into it yet, and it's kind of exhausting. There's a larger story framing the whole thing, the primary text, which is structured like analysis of a documentary that may or may not exist, and which gives readers a peek into the lives of those involved in the documentary, and then other stories that are just sort of plopped into multi-page footnotes.