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Non-book post, sort of: The King's Avatar

I just finished binge-watching what I think is my very first Chinese animated series, The King's Avatar. If that title sounds familiar, it's probably because the live action version was recently added to Netflix's streaming catalog. Unfortunately, the subtitles for that version are so bad as to almost be unreadable. The subtitles on the animated version (which can be watched legally and for free on Youtube) are much better. The show is basically 90% flashy battles, 10% eating junk food and staring at computers.


In an effort to bring this back to books in some way: both shows are apparently based on a Chinese webnovel, which doesn't appear to have any official English translations. I'm somewhat tempted to give a fan translation a go, but I haven't had much success with fan translated novels (Japanese or Chinese). Plus, this one is currently over 1,600 chapters long. D-: