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The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter - Theodora Goss, Kate Reading

I really need to finish more of the stuff on my "currently reading" shelf. I'm a bit past my usual maximum number I can handle at one time.


Anyway, this is set up like a book being written by one of the characters involved, with occasional interruptions/corrections from the other young women watching her write (or reading her draft?). I imagine this works a bit better on paper than it does in audio - I assume there's some kind of font change? In audio, the narrator just suddenly changes to a different voice, while my brain frantically tries to adjust to the sudden change and figure out whether this is a new character who has just appeared on the scene or just a switch over to one of the annoying "commentary" scenes.


I probably wouldn't have checked this out under normal circumstances, but it seemed like it would work for Bingo. It has Dr. Jekyll's daughter, plus a few other daughters of famous horror literary figures.