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Days Gone Bad - Eric R. Asher

I'm finally done with this, oh happy day. Damian never regained my goodwill after what he did to those birds, and I was stony-faced every time the characters had yet another chuckle about feeding ferrets to vampires. Not only did I not find the ferret-eating jokes funny, it also didn't seem logical. They can feed off of animal blood, and yet rather than feeding from a wide variety of animals or even keeping a few larger animals and bleeding them on a rotating basis, they buy pet ferrets on a weekly basis. From the same pet store every time. I don't know what ferrets cost, but I figure that would get expensive, and even Damian wondered why the pet shop owner never asked questions.


Story-wise, this was confusing as heck. I lost track of what was going on and why by the end, because the characters kept taking breaks for pizza, beef jerky, chimichangas, and jokes. I know this book had an editor, because the editor reviewed it on Goodreads (::wince::), but I'm convinced that she only did copyediting.


I need to go through my Bingo squares and figure out which ones this book would apply to, but for sure this would work for Vampires and Demons.