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Ao Oni: Vengeance - Kenji Kuroda, Karin Suzuragi, Alexander Keller-Nelson

So far this is really good, better than the first book. However, the level of gore has also been turned up a notch. Crossing my fingers that I'm past the most stomach churning stuff, but somehow I doubt it.


This book is more like the games than the first one was. The list of characters locked in the house almost matches the games: Mika, Takeshi, Takuro, Hiroshi. The only one missing is Anna. They entered the house, the plate in the kitchen broke, Hiroshi went to investigate (and even took a plate shard, just like in the games), and now Hiroshi can't find the rest of the group. Here's hoping that the author doesn't make Hiroshi solve all the same puzzles as in the game, or this will quickly become tedious.