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SP Baby, Vol. 1 - Maki Enjoji, JN Productions

This is incredibly bland so far. The series is only a couple volumes long, so it's not like it has a while to really get going and prove itself, either.


So far we have:

- An idiot young woman named Tamaki who's trying to get her first full-time job and who's nursing an unrequited crush on some guy who's barely had any page-time. She's convinced that she can't protect anyone without accidentally hurting them.


- The prime minister's nephew, who knows Tamaki somehow and has decided that she'll definitely be his bodyguard. Never mind that she only seems to know one move and wasn't able to successfully take on his current bodyguard.


- The two smartest characters in the series, Tamaki's brother and the prime minister's nephew's bodyguard. They're doomed to watch the main characters make bad decisions.