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I'm a librarian who loves anime, manga, and reading a wide variety of genres.

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Parental Guidance
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An Offer From a Gentleman
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The Twisted Ones
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Tara Westover
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My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!, Vol. 2
Satoru Yamaguchi, Nami Hidaka
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Graphic Medicine Manifesto
MK Czerwiec, Kimberly R. Myers, Scott T. Smith, Michael J. Green, Susan Merrill Squier, Ian Williams
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Ao Oni: Mutation
Kenji Kuroda, Karin Suzuragi, Alexander Keller-Nelson
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Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal
Christopher Moore
House of Leaves
Mark Z. Danielewski
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On Edge: A Journey Through Anxiety
Andrea Petersen
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Reading progress update: I've listened 315 out of 730 minutes.

Educated - Tara Westover

I'm still going to work on finishing this like the book club meeting for it will eventually happen, but it definitely isn't going to happen on the planned date. My local public library has cancelled all events for at least the next couple weeks.


From the sounds of things, I'll probably be working from home soon, too. Although how I'll be doing that when most of what I need in order to do my job isn't accessible from home remains to be seen. At least I'm in a better position than the coworkers of mine who can't afford internet.