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Evermore (Immortals Series #1)

Evermore - Alyson Noel The snippet about this book in Unshelved says "I'd give it to...Eliza, who needs to find another fictional boyfriend besides Edward Cullen." Granted, I'm no longer a teenage girl so I could be wrong, but I think it's highly unlikely that a teenage girl with a crush on Edward Cullen is going to read this book and decide Damen is just as worthy. As much as certain aspects of Stephenie Meyer's books make me cringe, I can see Edward's appeal. He's got the whole brooding self-loathing thing going, and he only acts cold towards Bella in the beginning because he was trying to resist biting her - but he's so attracted to her that he can't help but be around her, despite the danger that he might bite her. Not everyone gets the lure of vampires in paranormal romance, but I do. Yes, Edward Cullen is appealing.Damen Auguste, however, is not. He's good-looking and rich, but it takes more than that for a character to be an appealing romantic hero. While I was reading the book, I found Damen's hot and cold behavior towards Ever to be annoying, but I was willing to put up with it, figuring that Noel's explanation would make everything better. It didn't. Damen acted coldly towards Ever and started giving flowers to another girl because he wanted to make her jealous. He's a 600-year-old immortal playing games with a teenage girl - that's not romantic, that's lame.The situation with Drina makes things even worse. It's not that Drina assumed there was more between her and Damen that there really was - the two of them were married, are still married (as Damen says, it'd be difficult for them to get a divorce, but this does make Drina's...confusion understandable). Damen made Drina immortal so that the two of them could be together, and then he ends up deciding he'd rather be with Ever. It didn't take much of a leap for me to think, "And what happens when he decides that he'd like to have someone else more than Ever?" Not that this occurs to Ever, although it should. If he can grow tired of one woman/girl, he can grow tired of another. I certainly don't see Ever and Damen lasting long as a couple when Damen grows bored of acting like a teenager so quickly - since he already knows everything taught at school (suspension of disbelief issue: even after 600 years of life, how can someone possibly know everything and be able to do everything?), he encourages Ever to skip class to have fun with him and gamble. He seems to have forgotten that, although he's had 600 years to learn all kinds of useful things, Ever is still just a teenage girl.Also, I hate Damen for saving Ever after the car crash that killed her family, and yet standing by and doing nothing every time Ever gets beaten to a pulp by Drina. Ever is outraged by this, for a bit, but she forgives him far too quickly.One thing I did really like was Ever's relationship with her sister. That felt more real to me than any of the stuff with Damen, and I could understand Ever's fear that her sister was going to leave her forever, as well as her eventual decision to let her sister go. By the time I realized what a bastard Damen was, I much preferred the scenes between Riley and Ever to the scenes between Ever and Damen. I shouldn't forget to mention Ever's "friends," either. I can't decide whether I like the scences with them more or less than the scenes with Damen. As far as I can tell, Ever's relationships with her two friends don't go very deep. Her friendship with Miles (the gay one) is pleasant enough, but she doesn't confide in him. Haven is so emotionally damaged that I'm not sure she's capable of healthy friendship - she spends a lot of the book angrily jealous of Damen's attraction to Ever, and her "friendships" with Drina and others are anything but. Ever's closest relationship is with her ghost sister.This book kept reminding me of other much better books - one passage felt like it was taken straight out of [a:Charlaine Harris|17061|Charlaine Harris|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1307925926p2/17061.jpg]'s Sookie Stackhouse books ("But that's what's so great about Damen. He's like an off switch. He's the only one I can't read, the only one who can silence the sound of everyone else...[H]e makes me feel wonderful and warm and as close to normal as I'll ever get to be..." (p. 79)), another felt like something from L.J. Smith's [b:Soulmate|293979|Soulmate (Night World, #6)|L.J. Smith|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1349790015s/293979.jpg|285260] (Drina: "'I've been responsible for your demise for, let's see--how many lifetimes?'" (p. 236)), and the whole thing felt like an attempt to ride on the current popularity of paranormal YA romances like [a:Stephenie Meyer|941441|Stephenie Meyer|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1269985304p2/941441.jpg]'s books and others. This makes it easy to come up with a list of read-alikes, but it's never good when I find myself thinking things like, "This is just like in [fill in a book title], only I liked that book better." Had Damen been less of a jerk, I might have felt differently.[Goodreads rating note: I was originally going to give this a 2, because of Ever's relationship with her sister, but I decided the bad parts eclipsed that. I hate Damen SO MUCH. If I ever create a personal top 10 list of most-hated fictional boyfriends, he'd probably be included.](Original review, with read-alikes and watch-alikes, posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)