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Pandemic post: Virtual book clubs

My mom and I were talking about her library. She's scheduled for about 16 hours at the physical library next week, but she's still expected to work a full 40 hours, so a lot of the extra hours are going to be taken up by online trainings. She's also moving the crochet group she's in charge of online. While talking about that, she mentioned offhand that the Mystery Book Club would be having their first virtual meeting in a couple weeks. I half-jokingly said I wish I could join, and she said "Hey, why not?" It hadn't occurred to me that, with so many public library events and groups moving online, it might be possible for me to take part in something not affiliated with my local public library, which only has the one book club and which doesn't currently have plans to do that virtually.


I mean, my reading speed hasn't been great lately, but goodness knows that not everyone at book club meetings actually manages to finish the books. My mom said that the Mystery Book Club at her library is currently letting members read literally any mystery for the next meeting, but that they usually read according to subgenres. For example, one meeting might be devoted to cozy mysteries, with everybody reading whatever cozy mystery interests them. That's extremely appealing, compared to how my local book club does things.


I don't know that I'll be able to participate in this particular book club (the only mention of book clubs I've been able to find on their site says they meet Tuesdays at what would be 4-5 PM my time), but now I'm thinking it might be a good idea to browse the websites of some of the bigger public libraries in my state, to see what they're doing...