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Ascendance of a Bookworm: Part 1 Vol. 3 - Miya Kazuki, Karuho Shiina, quof

"Benno rubbed his temples as he learned about how Lutz lived. It was likely that things were so different from his own life that he could hardly imagine it. Benno had spent years working hard to support his family after his father's death, but he had never gone through their stuff and he had never worried about where to put his things. He couldn't believe what he was hearing."


Oh, cheater, cheater. The phrase "it was likely" is having to do a lot of heavy lifting here, and it doesn't quite cut it. This book is in the first person, from Myne's POV. Myne knows that Benno supported his family after his father's death, but there's no way she could know how Benno's family interacted. As far as I can remember, she's never even seen Benno and Corinna in the same room together. This was the author trying to slip some of Benno's POV in with Myne's POV.


Dear author, if you'd written this series in the third person, you would not be having this problem, and you wouldn't have to cheat in order to work around it.