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Black Butler, Vol. 1 - Yana Toboso, Tomo Kimura I think some of my synopsis includes information that isn't quite clear yet in this particular volume, but I had problems separating what I remembered from the anime from what I remembered from the manga.I've found that, usually, manga will take hinted at relationships and sexual (or near-sexual) content farther than anime, but in this case I think the anime goes father. Of course, this opinion is based solely on what I've seen in this first volume, so it's possible this will change. At the point, the manga and anime are still basically the same (although Madame Red makes more appearances in this portion of the anime than in this volume of the manga - most notably, a Sebastian butt fondling scene was added in the anime), although I've heard that the anime deviates from the manga quite a bit.Art-wise, I like the anime better than the manga. Although the differences aren't huge, the anime art tends to look a bit cleaner to me, and Sebastian looks more like an adult. That doesn't mean I disliked the art in this volume, however - far from it. I just think Sebastian is more consistently sexy in the anime, and I think the character designs are, in general, more consistent throughout in the anime.I know, I'm comparing this to the anime a bit too much. I can't help it, since my first exposure to the series was via the anime. I couldn't seem to stop myself from comparing everything in this volume to the anime. My comments about the artwork in the manga are nitpicks, really, although there is one thing about the manga that I would change if I could - the translation of Sebastian's catchphrase. The manga has him saying, "I'm a devil of a butler," while in the anime (sub) he says, "I'm one hell of a butler" (or something similar). I think the anime version works better and is more clever.One thing I really loved about this volume was the humor - Ciel's clueless servants were hilarious, and Sebastian's amazingly successful attempts to clean up after their messes were fun, too. I hope that later volumes develop Ciel's servants more. In the anime, they sort of get the short end of the stick, with bare bones explanations for their various...quirks...given near the end of the first season. I think I might like a little more. Then again, I've heard some very fun things about future volumes in this series that will probably make me forget I ever wanted to hear more about Baldo, Meyrin, and Finny.Overall, my feeling about the manga is the same as my feeling about the anime: it's not really something to rave about and spend all your money on, but it's still nice. It helps to be the sort of person who goes all fangirly over sexy male characters. Manga Sebastian, like Anime Sebastian, is awesome and sexy, although he's at a bit of a disadvantage without the benefit of Daisuke Ono's voice behind him.Extras:Two full-color pages, one of which shows Sebastian, Ciel, Finny, Baldo, Meyrin, and Tanaka (who I can't believe I forgot to mention - he's adorable!); a 2-page comic showing how Black Butler came to be; 3 pages of translator's notes (very nice); and, on the inside back cover, an illustration showing what the series might be like if it were about the "'Phantomhive' host club" (get rid of the text and word bubbles, and I'd want this image as a poster, even if there was no chance of it ever being in color).(Original review, with read-alikes and watch-alikes, posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)