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The Saga of Tanya the Evil, Vol. 1 - Carlo Collodi, Emily Balistrieri, Kevin Steinbach

"It's truly insulting that my life and career are being endangered while I'm treated as nothing more than a side note. It's my right to look down on others; no one should be allowed to do that to me."


Yeesh. I mean, yes, Tanya's right to be angry - she's basically been ordered to do a pointless suicide mission - but still.


Her (his? I'm not sure what pronoun to use since the narrator also tends to use "she" when talking about Tanya in the third person) only goal is to rise up in the ranks as quickly as possible. According to the reviews I read, she wants a nice, safe desk job. I wouldn't be surprised if she also plans to make every person who gets in her way suffer at some point.


The POV is so weird. There are paragraphs where the narrator switches effortlessly between third person "Tanya" and first person, and when the battle started, suddenly he switched entirely to first person.


One example:


"Either there's electromagnetic interference or my equipment is simply acting up. Why couldn't it have happened at any time other than this critical moment? Just to play it safe, Tanya starts checking if the problem has to do with the equipment strapped to her back by trying to radio Control again when it picks up an unexpected signal." (41)


So that's "my equipment," but then it switches fully to third person "Tanya" by the end of the paragraph. Possibly because the paragraph talks about a part of her body, her back, which the salaryman doesn't consider his own?