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Pandemic post: Oh boy

In preparation for the next day I'm expected to be at the library (Wednesday), I got a little bolder about saying that I'm not comfortable doing 2-hour record editing sessions while sitting right next to my boss, especially while she opts not to wear a mask. Last I heard from her, she was very upset (angry? annoyed? not sure) but said she'd wear a mask next time. She'll have Monday and Tuesday to cool off, and then I see how things go on Wednesday. I predict she either won't speak to me at all (cold shoulder treatment is her thing) or she'll be extra vocal about how annoying the mask is but how she'll wear it because I'm so insistent. I hate feeling like the workplace nuisance, but if she actually does wear a mask it'll be worth it.


Edit: Aaand it looks like she opted for the cold shoulder response. Which is okay as long as it doesn't go longer than a couple days, because we do have a time sensitive issue I emailed her about on Friday that needs to be taken care of. ::sigh::