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The Cadaver Client by Frank Tuttle

The Cadaver Client - Frank Tuttle

The Cadaver Client was more of what I enjoyed in The Mister Trophy and Dead Man's Rain. Markhat (who I realized still doesn't have a first name) was, as usual, snarky, smart, and in possession of a strong sense of justice, and the mystery itself was interesting. Unfortunately, some of the things I disliked about Dead Man's Rain were also present in this story.

Although the first three stories in the series could be read in any order, I kind of wish that weren't the case. It feels like Markhat has the same level of skepticism in each of the stories. After seeing supposedly impossible things in the first two stories in the series, I would think it would be easier for Markhat to believe in ghosts, but Mama Hog had to repeatedly tell him that Granny Knot's abilities were genuine. And his belief in Mama Hog's magic seemed only slightly stronger in this story than in the others. Since her magic hasn't once failed him, I'm not sure why she still has to warn him not to throw her little presents out, whether or not they're gross or pitiful-looking.

I still enjoyed Markhat's “voice,” and I liked that the mystery turned out to be a little more complicated than “dead soldier wants Markhat to deliver some money to his family.” Markhat's idea for getting himself into the graveyard at the end made me laugh, as did the thug who was deathly afraid of Mama Hog. Also, I enjoyed getting to see a little more of Markhat's world. I already own several more works in this series, and I imagine I'll enjoy them. I just hope that, at some point soon, events that happen in previous stories start having more of an effect on later stories. I'd like to see evidence of change.


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