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A couple days' worth of new library stuff

A few new additions to the library I work at. I love seeing all the books that come in, despite the effect it has on my personal Mount TBR. Thank goodness I don't work at a public library.


I'm still not sure what happened to the first "new library additions" post I wrote, but my mass import is over, so hopefully there will be no more mysterious post disappearances.




The Cartoon History of the Universe, Volumes 1-7: From the Big Bang to Alexander the Great by Larry Gonick - I might try this at some point, but the art style isn't really my thing. Still, I'm always happy to add another cartoon/comic book/graphic novel volume to my library's collection.


Flu: The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and the Search for the Virus That Caused It by Gina Kolata - I hardly ever read nonfiction, so who knows if I'll ever get around to this. However, I love books about diseases (I've read lots of bubonic plague books), and this one looks like it might be pretty readable.


Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross - Historical fiction based on the legend of Pope Joan, who is said to have taken on her dead brother's identity, entered a monastery, and eventually been called to attend the Pope. I know nothing about Pope Joan, but this sounds fascinating.


Culture smart!: India: A Quick Guide to Customs & Etiquette by Nicki Grihault - It's super short.