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Mindtouch - M.C.A. Hogarth

I finished it, and it was good. I'll review it after my vacation is over and I have a computer I can use (or change my mind and make this post my review, who knows?). The short version, for now: It won't be for everyone. As I said in my status update, it's very slice-of-life. It should have been boring...but it wasn't. And it has what I think can safely be called asexual romance. Or at least very close friendship, but the intimacy level is so high that "romance" feels like a better fit. Since I've been actively looking for that kind of thing lately, I am happy. What does not make me happy is the book's ending. OMG, if the next book were available, I'd want it RIGHT NOW. Because this one ends at an emotional cliffhanger.