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At 15.5% - The Emperor's Knife

The Emperor's Knife (Tower and Knife) - Mazarkis Williams

In an effort to keep my vacation reads straight, I've been choosing books that seem like they'd be vastly different from one another. An Amazon review describes this as "Game of Thrones in a Middle Eastern setting." Translation: it's dark, and there are very few likable/good characters. You can expect few, if any, of the women to be viewed as more than just potential bedmates or child bearers for men, although there hasn't been any rape (yet).


The cast isn't as vast as GoT's, and the intrigue doesn't seem to be as spread out. I do hope the mages get a lot of page-time. Each mage is inhabited by an elemental that gives them power, but at a price - the elemental eventually takes over and kills the mage. I enjoy the occasional fantasy magical system with serious costs.