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Reading Mistborn - status updates

Mistborn: The Final Empire  - Brandon Sanderson

p. 643, aka I'm Finished - It took me two weeks to get through 276 pages. I finished the last 367 in two days. Aspects of the final battles came as a surprise to me, although, now that I think about it, there were signs.


Part of me wants to start writing my review now, while all the fragments of feelings are still there, and part of me doesn't feel capable of writing anything yet.


p. 276 - I'm getting through this book at what feels like a crawl. However, I think the end of Part 2/beginning of Part 3 may be my "OMG must read more" point. I resent having to quit reading in order to go to work. 


p. 208 - Sazed intrigues me. I love the idea of a character who's sort of a keeper of religions. The one variation I can think of that I've seen in fantasy/sci fi is keepers of languages.


I've had suspicions for a while now about the little italicized bits at the beginning of each chapter. The one at the beginning of this chapter (Chapter 11) seems to confirm my suspicions.


p. 85 - Yay, my reading is going much faster now. Kelsier and his team make me think of some kind of magical Ocean's Eleven group. Here's hoping they're as much fun in action as I'm guessing they'll be.


I'm glad I got a print copy of this book, because it's easy to flip to the back and look over the Allomancy reference. There's an ad in the back for an RPG based on this world, which isn't surprising - the magical system seems like a perfect fit for a game.


p. 20 - I'm getting through this reeeally slowly so far, but I'm at least interested in whatever it is this Kelsier guy can do.


The scene with the skaa caring for the crops gave me a weird feeling of deja vu, and I finally figured it out: it reminds me of that one episode of Farscape, "Thank God It's Friday...Again."