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Long Live the Queen

Sorry, this isn't a book post at all, although I suppose it could count as a story post. Feel free to ignore it.


I was working on my review for Mazarkis Williams' The Emperor's Knife last night, hoping to finally get it finished, when I made the mistake of checking Steam for sales. One of the games I ended up with was Long Live the Queen. An hour and a half later, I realized my review for The Emperor's Knife was still unfinished. I don't play games often, but when I do, I get really caught up in them.


For those who are interested: Long Live the Queen is an indie life simulation game. You play as a cute-looking, pink-haired, anime/manga style princess whose mother has recently died. Gameplay is limited to choosing what classes the princess will take each week, choosing what she does during her free time, and, occasionally, clicking multi-choice responses to the things going on around her. The object of the game is to survive long enough to become the queen.


So far, I've played through it two times and died both times. I think the longest I've lived is maybe 25 weeks. The first time, I was killed for foolishly choosing to go to a party without first having trained in fighting or battlefield medicine. The second time, I was assassinated with poisonous chocolates for, I think, pissing off certain nobles. The civil war I started (and won!) may have had something to do with it.


I don't know how long it will last, but so far I'm having a lot of fun with this game. I'll get through my backlog of review posts eventually....