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Rose Point: Her Instruments, Book 2 -  M.C.A. Hogarth

Reese is misunderstanding Hirianthial's pain, but she does recognize that he's in pain and is actively doing what she can to help him, whether that means sending the twins to talk to him or thinking good thoughts while he's too wrecked to have full control of his telepathy. She annoyed me at the beginning of this book, but she's coming through now, when it matters. Yay!


As far as my Simple Touch testing goes:

- Battery life doesn't seem to be as good as advertised, but it's still better than my tablet, so I'm happy.

- Note-taking is okay. I miss using my tablet's mic, but at least when I type on my Simple Touch it doesn't try to correct alien names. I do wish the buttons weren't quite so itty bitty, but I guess that can't be helped. The thing I'm least looking forward to is going through my notes at the end - the screen that collects all of them lists a bit of whatever text I highlighted and doesn't include any note text at all - like the original Nook, it looks like you have to individually click each note in order to find out what you wrote. Moon+ Reader, which lists the entirety of the text you highlighted, plus your entire note, has spoiled me there.