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Mindtouch - M.C.A. Hogarth

I've been re-reading a few chapters of this every night before bed. I have the print edition now, and it's nice.


Some things that have occurred to me:

  • I suppose this could be called a New Adult book, based on the attempts I've seen to define New Adult as a category that is different from books for young adults and adults. Both of the main characters are in college (and actually taking classes, dealing with schedules and coursework and university administration, unlike so many protagonists of New Adult books). Both of them are worrying about what they're going to do with their lives after college. Both of them are building lives away from their families, while still keeping in touch with their families. Still, I'm not going to go back and label these books as New Adult, because the category has gotten to the point that it has negative connotations for me.
  • I caught a reference to events that become much more important in Hogarth's Rose Point. Jahir tells the story of Corel, the insane mind-mage who killed an entire army. The castle at Rose Point is, I'm pretty sure, the castle Reese was given in Rose Point.
  • Family still stands out as the one story by Hogarth that doesn't fit. In that story, Jahir has boatloads of unrequited love for his cousin, Sediryl. Mindtouch takes place maybe 10 years before Family and, although he thinks of Sediryl a few times, there isn't even a hint of the feelings that were so powerful in Family. Inconsistencies like this are why, although I love several of Hogarth's works, I'd give the series as a whole a lower rating.