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Kei's Gift  - Ann Somerville

I hate how slow my reading speed is anymore. I hope it doesn't take me until April or longer to finish this, because my e-book TBR continues to grow and I don't like reading two books in the same format at once.


This book's emotional roller coaster is painful, and I'm a little terrified of how it's all going to end. Kei and Arman are on opposite sides of a war. Kei's people hate Arman, and Arman's people think Kei's people are barbarians. At some point, Kei is going to meet back up with Reji, his lover, and have what will probably be a very difficult conversation. Even if it goes well, it's not like his relationship with Arman will magically become all happiness and light.


Arman's about to be tried for a public execution he ordered earlier in the book. I'm sure he'll spend the whole thing mentally flogging himself, as the villagers verbally flog him and possibly throw stuff at him.


I think I may need to pick something fluffy to read on the side.