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SNAP! and the Alter Ego Dimension - Ann Hite Kemp

First, a general Freading update: the "reduced token cost" continues, even after your checkout expires, meaning that, if I hadn't been able to finish The Girl Who Leapt Through Time in two weeks, I could check it out again for 0 tokens. Cool.


Now, for this book. Freading's "Juvenile fiction" section includes both middle grade and young adult books, so I wasn't sure where this fell when I checked it out. It's definitely middle grade.


Some things so far:

  • It's a "sucked into a computer game" story. Yay!
  • It's set in South Africa.
  • The heroine (who's 12, I think) has a boyfriend who's a jerk. He loudly points out and laughs at a zit she feels self-conscious about. Instead of telling him to get lost, she agrees to help him with an assignment. Here's hoping she eventually develops a spine.
  • Tammy, the heroine, thinks about how she hates viruses. She says that having the Internet makes her work safer from viruses (um, how?), but she hates the necessity of anti-virus software and so hasn't updated it in a while. Uh...
  • The book is illustrated. I've only come across one illustration so far, and it looks like something from a superhero comic, as interpreted by a coloring book illustrator.